Welcome to Bergenfest!

Welcome to Bergenfest! - An annual celebration of the world’s best music.

Bergenfest is all about good music, great people, delicious food and the best of vibes. The gates to our festival grounds are open from June 15th to 18th, 2016. We look forward to presenting around 50 bands and artists throughout four festival days, on four stages sited in the lush surroundings of Bergenhus Fortress. Get your four-day-pass or one-day-ticket here >>

Even though we started out as a blues & americana festival, our music profile is exceedingly diverse, including genres such as EDM, punk and Nigerian folk music. Bergenfest aims to present new international and Norwegian talents, in a blend amongst the most interesting and noteworthy performers from the past five decades.

If you want to read about all our artists in English, (or any other language) translated swiftly without human intervention, follow this link >> and Google Translate will work it’s magic. (We know, it's a bit funny here and there, but it will help you trough)

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Venues at Bergenfest

The fortress of Bergenhus is one of the oldest and most beautifully preserved military landmarks in Norway. Its history can be traced back to the medieval period, when the fortress accommodated the King’s seat, and the towering monuments of Håkonshallen and Rosenkrantztårnet were erected. 

During Bergenfest, the fortress is ornamented with three outdoor stages and one indoor stage.

Plenen is by far the largest, accommodating the festival’s maximum capacity of 6700 audience members. The typography of Plenen is comparable with an amphitheater; you will get a good view of what’s going on on-stage no matter where you’re located. 

Bastionen is Plenen’s little brother. They stand shoulder by shoulder, but Bastionen can only facilitate 2400 audience members. 

Magic Mirrors is our only tent stage, and the most picturesque member of the family: it’s a reconstruction of a Belgian mirror tent of the art nouveau days, with interiors of carved wood, polished mirrors, lead-light and lavish upholstery. 

The DNB Stage is the smallest stage at the festival and the place for shorter concerts with up & coming bands.

The History

Bergenfest started out as an intimate blues & americana festival in 1993, taking place at various venues in the city center of Bergen. Since then, the festival has grown into what is now one of the leading music events in the Nordic region, with a much more diverse music profile and a significantly bigger audience. In 2012, we moved outdoors, to the historically and aesthetically stimulating surroundings at Bergenhus Fortress. See lists of all artists who’s performed at Bergenfest here  >>


Bergenfest offers two types of festival tickets: THE FESTIVAL PASS, which gives access to all four festival days to a very favorable price – and the ONE DAY PASS, which gives the owner access to all concerts taking place on a given festival day. N.B. Prices can change without prior notification. Tickets are non-refundable.

Daypass Wednesday 15.06.16 NOK 750/650 + ticket fee  - Buy >>
Daypass Thursday 16.06.16 NOK 750/650 + ticket fee  - Buy >>
Daypass Friday 17.06.16 NOK 750/650 + ticket fee
Daypass Saturday 18.06.16 NOK 750/650 + ticket fee  - Buy >>
Festival pass NOK 2500/2250 + ticket fee

Practical information to all our customers: 
-  Upon arrival at the festival site, your printed ticket will be exchanged for a festival wristband.  
-  Only our main stage Plenen can facilitate the maximum audience capacity. Therefor, arrive in reasonable time for watching your favorite act at either Bastionen or the Magic Mirrors. 
-  All festival tickets are personal, which means that you cannot share it with a friend or a family member. This would also prove practically impossible due to the mechanics of the wristband.

Get your tickets here:

Ticketmaster Norway: billettservice.no or phone: +47 815 33 133

Groups and packages:
Revy & Teaterservice  >>  phone: +47 55 21 61 70
Festicket  >>  


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